Collecting souvenirs is such a tourist-y thing to do but I couldn’t resist! I have yet to take a decent photo of the entire collection, so for now, let me just share with you some of my personal favorites starting off with this Asian minorities set!

From left to right, top to bottom: Taiwan, China, China, Tibet. Thailand, Hong Kong, China and China! I love how colorful, ethnic and surprisingly alike they all look even though I got them from separate places.

Next up are these two, which I got from Jordan last 2010. One of the awesome things about collecting these dolls is that it challenges me to really look wherever I go. It’s like a treasure hunt! And then finding them in places I wouldn’t expect is always ALWAYS such a thrill. This was one of those times! Made me so excited!

This one here is a gift from a friend who visited Peru. It’s only as big as my pinky finger! Cutie patootie! Sometimes friends bring me home new pieces to add to my collection and it always adds that extra-special touch!

These two are kokeshi dolls from Japan and were surprisingly not purchased together! The taller one was a gift from my aunt and it’s funny because the only two kokeshis I have are both of the same color, which was not intentional! They even have the same ribbon!

Another gift is this one of a babooshka set straight from Russia! Yes, they’re nesting dolls! I haven’t been to Russia yet but my mom’s friend has and she brought us home this adorable set as a souvenir!

This quartet I got at the famous Ben Tanh Market in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It’s the last set so I grabbed it when I saw it. I love that they’re actually ‘doing’ something (playing music) and not just standing straight like the other pieces.

Beijing Opera pieces which I got, not from Beijing, but from Zhu Hai, China. These are an example of what I call ‘cheat’ pieces on my collection because they’re not actually ‘handicraft’ dolls. They’re plastic and I just got them from a local toy store. Haha!

Now for what quite possibly be my favorite pair: two wooden nutcracker-looking fellas from Germany; Mr. Clockmaker and Mr. Toymaker! I love how funny and different they look out of all the other pieces from the collection!

And manning their posts as always are my cute Brit boys from London (with their mini phonebooth!) I named them Edward and Edmund! Edmund’s the keychain! Hee. Anyway, at the store they had another design, a policeman in blue, but I didn’t get it and I’ve been regretting eversince. :(

Special bonus! Here are my minis or keychain/cellphone accessories which I display together with the rest of the bunch. The two cuties in the middle are from Taiwan (which mommy brought home for me) and the others are from Vietnam!

When I get the chance to take them all out from the shelf for a photoshoot, I’ll definitely make a separate post about it. Consider this a teaser! Anyway, do you collect things from your travels? What do you collect? I wanna know!