There are a lot of things that I love in this world; ice cream, fresh towels, tea parties, raincoats, polka dots and of course, sunsets. But here, we focus on a particular love, which also happens to be one of my greatest loves: TRAVEL!

Welcome to Sheena Loves to Travel; definitely related to Sheena Loves Sunsets (if you’re not familiar, that’s okay, life goes on for the both of us!)

Here I will write about my different travel (mis)adventures, and by adventures, I don’t mean adrenaline-pumping, rollercoaster-riding, freakishly-dangerous and physically-tiring-activities that will make you scream “ICANTFEELMYLEGS” or “MYLIFEISFLASHINGBEFOREME” over and over again. Instead, my so-called adventures include riding camels that smile, taking 15 hour train rides, sleeping at a 24-hour McDonalds, pretending to ski, and acting like the tourist that I am.

Wait, don’t judge me yet! I actually HAVE done some “exciting” things, like climbing Mt. Sinai wearing my rainbow colored Adidas Chucks!

All kidding aside, I really do like trying out new things, seeing new places and meeting new people. But most of all, I absolutely love traveling because I get to experience God’s wonderful creations first-hand!

In this blog, I share with you guys my recent and not so recent discoveries, travel tips, packing tips, tips on tips, my favorite stops and many more. Hopefully you’ll enjoy and be encouraged to start planning your next travel adventure. So thanks for reading, thanks for following, and as Nat Geo Channel says, live curious and let’s get lost!